The Chocolate Factory


Smarts Agency came to us with an existing former chocolate biscuit factory to turn into a modern collaborative working space which would reflect the character and vibrancy of the Agency.  

The layout of the space was based around squeezing a series of intimate meeting spaces around an open plan working area. The space includes a private board room, an intimate meeting booth, a coffee bar area serving as a hub of the space, open plan collaboration areas and several other meeting spaces. 

Original roughly painted yellow walkways were found painted on the concrete floor of the old factory to mark out safe walking areas around the now missing chocolate factory machinery, which inspired a colourful and playful approach to the space.

The Chocolate factory has transformed the way the agency works and breathed new life into the basic and unused structure. 

What the client has to say...

The Chocolate Factory is a game changer for us. From the day we opened it up to staff and clients, people instinctively knew how to use it. From The Gallery area with it’s old school projector which comfortably sits 80 people to the 1 person telephone booth, the space functions beautifully. Old and new have been fused together effortlessly with an attention to detail in the execution which is flawless.

We knew it was going to be good, but we had completely underestimated the new lease of life and energy that the space has injected into our business on a daily basis. From the minute you walk through the front door, everything just feels better. Our clients and staff love it and enjoy spending time within in.

In short, Micah Jones has created a space that has transformed the way we interact with each other and our clients - and that’s a pretty powerful thing!

    NO. 078717E

  • Certified Passive House Designer
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